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 AMS Liners 

The ULTRALINER AMS TLC-01 and the ULTRALINER AMS RLC-01 are high-flow milking liners, designed to optimise the milking performance of your robot, giving you and your cows:  

  • Faster and more complete milking
  • Reduced respray and cross-contamination 
  • Reduced attachment time
  • Significantly improved adhesion, reducing slippage due to enhanced liner design.

Both new liners can be vented or non-vented and are available exclusively through our RPS (Robot Performance Service).

Choose the best option for you:

AMS TLC-01 & AMS TLC-01 Air
Triangular-shaped liners for reduced likelihood of slip, improved cow comfort and less teat-end damage.

AMS RLC-01 & AMS RLC-01 Air
Round-shaped liners for increased milking speed and faster milking.

In both cases you can benefit from the hood-vented technology which will give you:

  • Reduced mouthpiece vacuum which results in much reduced teat congestion
  • No milk respray, teats stay dry during milking
  • No cross-contamination
  • Reduced milk turbulence preserving milk quality
  • Less noise during milking which provides a quieter environment for the cows

“After a short time, we could already see many improvements in our robot milking performance.”

Are you looking forward to improving your milking experience with our AMS liners?

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