IP05 Large Bore Dairy Liner

New Product: The IP05 Milking Liner!

Introducing the new IP05 Milking Liner! The perfect solution for cows with wider teats.

This new milking liner brings the best in triangular and Impulse Air Dairy Liner technology to large teated cows. With the IP05 Range you can: 

  • Improve health, reduce SCC and mastitis risk
  • Improve the milkflow and overall milking speed
  • Get a thorough and complete milking out for your herd

Gerald Wurm from South Germany used the IP05 Liner on his herd, he stated that: “The IP05 is perfect for my larger herd, (in reference to teat size). They are out milked faster, totally relaxed, and the teats are dry, so the post dipping of teats is much more effective. We will never switch to any other liner than the IP05. I believe this liner is the very best liner for the Fleckvieh and Brown Swiss dairy herds.”

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Date: 27 August 2019

  • Summary:

    Do your cows have wider teats? Do you need a milking liner which caters to this whilst ensuring an efficient milking session? If so then look no further!