First imilkNano parlour

First iMilkNano Installation in Germany

Last month we successfully launched our new iMilkNano electronic milk meter, our smartest and most compact electronic milk meter ever. The iMilkNano is guaranteed to give our farmers our most adaptable milking point solution to date, and is suitable for, Cows, Goat, and Sheep. The iMilkNano milking system is made up of 3 units: the Nano Display unit, the Nano Box and either the MMC milk meter or a standard HFS.
We have already sent out and started to install these systems across Europe and parts of South America. One of the first to be installed is a 36 point goat rotary in Southern Germany which looks fantastic!
Thank you to everyone involved in the coordination of this launch and a well done to the Central Europe team for securing this installation.
For more information on the iMilkNano click here!

Date: 05 September 2019

  • Summary:

    In August we installed our first ever iMilkNano!